Sheep cushion

Mavis the sheep bolsterMavis the Sheep bolster is in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine 1/6/2018 according to Press Reader.  Margaret already has the pattern and has been crocheting her own sheep cushion from it. Hers is 46cm long but the official pattern has Mavis coming out at about 60cm. The bobble stitch is effective and Margaret says she wanted a cushion you could put your head on… for counting sheep as you sleep! In the magazine the sheep is white which would tone in with current interior decorating colours but Margaret has favoured the autumn colours swhe found in her stash and is pleased to be stash busting as she makes her sheep. We cannot wait to see it finished!!sheep cushionsheep cushion1

9 thoughts on “Sheep cushion

      1. Thank you, I would be thrilled to bits, it would be for my daughter who lost her husband in a truck crash last June and is not coping, she loves sheep , I thought it would be perfect ..I love them too, thank you

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      2. We couldn’t have a proper meeting Monday because of the refurbishment noise at our temporary venue but it looks like everyone has their big projects going. You could try one of the online task sites and put it up as a task for others to make like ServiceSeeking or Airtasker. The pattern is in the recent copy of Better Homes and Gardens. We hope all goes well because you are trying to help your daughter in such a lovely way.


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