Chicken winners

Alexis chickenAlexis’ chicken garnered the most votes for our chicken challenge. All the chickens were given a number and we had to vote on a sheet. Alexis’ chicken was big ‘ soft and squishy. She has the skills to create an amazing halo with wool which adds another visual level to the overall effect and look of her projects. She had spun the wool and put the colours together effectively. It was a chicken you wanted to be friends with.




Hilary's chicken doorstop

Hilary’s chicken just took our fancy. We loved the sunflower hat and glasses. We loved the embroidery and we loved the little chicks. She was such a character which had been made so carefully and well. Hilary had spun and then used her skills to create a chicken doorstop which you cannot forget. It came second . This chicken would brighten any home.



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