Meryl’s Meanderings – a top story

Meryl's meanderings

Our roving reporter, Sonya has brought us another story about a member of our group. This time it’s about Meryl: 


Our Meryl is by her own admission a ‘handcraft person’. Her precision, tidiness and organization are everything a slapdash hit-and-miss person (like myself) could aspire to. And all that is still intact after raising four children, including twins!

“I was brought up in Adelaide but spent many years living in Canberra.  After retiring we toured around Australia for 2 years, looking for somewhere nice to live. And somehow we kept coming back to Adelaide. We actually moved to Mount Tambourine in Queensland and then Coffs Harbour, but soon changed our minds and came scuttling back to Adelaide!

I enjoy all sorts of craft work, but over and above all those interests, I’ve found that knitting is my main satisfaction. However, I found it very difficult to source good quality yarn in Adelaide, when we settled down here. So that prompted me to thinking about making my own. I looked up Ravelry on the net, to find spinning groups and came across Sharon, who put me on to the Seaford Spinners group. (A harmonious blend of technology and networking, Meryl!)

I came along to the group where dear Christine showed me the basics of spinning. So that very day, I sat down at a wheel and spun! (It’s not fair Meryl. Some of us took many, many attempts before we could achieve continuity and be able to produce anything that smacked of quality! )

So here I am and have been coming along for about four years.  I have a Hansen electric wheel, very compact and small. It just suits me fine. I prefer to spin fine yarns and now I’m using only tops, in beautiful shades, sourced from local dyers. I’m currently spinning up wool for a top with the feather and fan pattern at the wrists and the waist.”




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