Changing the look

knitted jumper crochet hatCathy had an old, favourite commerical alpaca jumper which had seen better days. The alpaca yarn from the Bendigo Woollen Mills was still in good condition so she unpicked it and reknitted it with some of own spun wool. The turquoise is an art batt by Michelle Mignon and the darker, heather colour is a wool batt from Alexis. The pattern was a Family Circle one but Cathy has changed that to suit her needs. The new, upcycled jumper looks good! The beanie was an idea from Christine. Cathy had learned core spinning from a DVD Christine had lent her over Christmas. Christine suggested threading the core spun wool through something which was crocheted. Cathy had a plain crochet hat at home and wove the core spun wool through it and then embellished the flower on it with core spun crochet and finished around the edge with some core spun crochet. It is so much more stylish now. Core spun wool crochets really well. The little ball of green and brown core spun wool is what she is making  now . Pam had brought in a book with ideas for bags with felted decorations which was so inspiring. Cathy wants to crochet a bag with her core spun wool and then felt decorations for it. The ideas just keep coming in this group and textile arts and crafts are just such fun.


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