Show and tell


A warm thank you to Maria for bringing a belated birthday cake which was a beautiful Black Forest, which we all enjoyed very much, also thanks to Wendy, Marina & Jan for also supplying cakes for us to enjoy.

Sonya brought in some Yarn mags to give away to any members who would like to take them.

Marina crocheted a pink cotton shrug, 2 beanies and a ball of spun ball of alpaca plied with linen.

Cathy  shared a beanie with a woven thread from her first core spinning effort, & a much loved upcycled alpaca jumper in blue beautifully re-crafted & re-spun from her own wool. Also a ball of her latest green/brown core spun wool. 

Wendy mastered the art of Navajo plying & produced a beautiful ball of autumn colours.

Janette found a lady who takes white wool socks & tie dyes them in very interesting patterns & colours.

Marjorie crocheted a long beanie in many colours mostly from homespun wool & finished spinning a large skein of dark brown corriedale X wool

Alexis knitted a very special gossamer shawl for her future daughter-in-law – a  traditional ring shawl in fine white wool.


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