Washing fleece


There has been quite a bit of discussion on the internet about how to wash raw fleece: whether you wash then spin or spin then wash or whether you use hot or cold water or whether you cut the dirty tips off or just wash them and process them. Some card , spin then wash the fleece. Others want squeaky clean fleece to card and spin. Some spinners use dish washing detergent, others use handwash or wool wash or shampoo. Everyone seems to have their way. It is how you absorb yourself in the process and take care of the fleece. Some just find the fleece too hard to clean and then use it as mulch around the garden. HJS Studio has some good tips on washing fleece as does  Craftsy.  Washing fleece is something you learn by experience and then from others who can show you fleece they have washed and explain how they did it.


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