Our wheels

Ertoel Roberta electronic spinnerSonya was excited to show us her new Ertoel, nowadays Roberta ,  electronic spinning wheel which she had been gifted. It’s solid, durable, well made and appears to be reliable. Alexis has a light one and a dark one and we blogged about it here. It doesn’t take up much room and because it is sturdy it will transport comfortably if need be. We look forward to seeing what Sonya does with her wheel and know she will have to learn all about it . Alexis will give her some tips no doubt. Quite a few people in our group have manual wheels and then electric/electronic  wheels. Change is good but you can also match the equipment to what you have in mind or your environment. Travelling needs a compact wheel. The Roberta uses battery power very efficiently and so it’s a good choice from that point of view.


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