Core spun yarn

As with everything else you do with spinning, core spun yarn is a technique you need to practice and learn. If you can spin, you can make core spun yarn. The video shows you the basic technique. The is another lovely video by sewsable  , a New Zealander, who shows you her first attempts at core spinning. It’s a technique for getting a different type of yarn but also one where you can spin art yarn. You use a main (core) yarn which is handspun or commercial. Choosing this is important. it needs to be strong or it will break as you core spin. The core yarn will determine the pliability of the finished core spun yarn as will whether you spin tightly or not. You can play around with it a lot and get shapes, lumps, bumps, fluffy bits, coils. There are lots of You Tube videos to help you and then you just need to put in the time. It’s a good way to use up yarn you have no plans to knit or crochet with. You can use up odd bits of fleece as you practise. Core spun yard can be used for shawls, cowls, hats, blankets and bags. it is strong and durable. Some use it for felting because of texture and effect.

core spun yarn

Cathy’s first attempts at core spinning haven’t turned out too badly. The top one is her first where she used acrylic so she wouldn’t ruin good wool with her first attempts in learning. The others are dyed bits from Susie Horn’s bag of bits and corriedale/finn. romney fleece from Marie Pfeiffer.  She hasn’t mastered coils yet but she’s good at lumps and bumps! Christine had issued her with a bit of a challenge for the Christmas break as her Christmas present. Discovery learning is the best gift!



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