Autumn colours

crescent shawl    You can see the complexity of Christine’s crescent  shawl in this picture and why she needs all her stitch markers. It’s the colour of the shawl which is important today. This is hand spun, dyed wool and it’s a rich rust/russet colour. A deep autumn colour and it looks lovely.





knitted handspun beretMajorie had brought along a beret for show and tell and the colour of that was very similar in colour to the shawl but with a bit more red. Unfortunately, the camera was making it look more pink. Marjorie had plied light wool with dark wool and then dyed it all to a rich rust/russet colour which matches Christine’s shawl very nicely ! Those who can’t dye yet were being shown some really good examples of how much the right dye will lift your spun wool into a new colour realm and so whatever you make will look so much better. Majorie’s beret is beautifully knitted and would keep your head nice  and warm in winter. Just try and imagine it that deeper colour with flecks of black. The pictures do not do it justice. It’s a beautiful autumn leaf colour.

knitted handspun beret

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