Australian spinning and knitting sites

The Australian Handspinners and Knitters GroupThe Australian Handspinners and Knitters group has 5, 920 members and is getting excited to be so close to 6, 000 members. The Facebook group is very active and shares a lot of worthwhile and interesting information and then motivational activities. It’s a group which shares ideas and help very readily. You have to apply to join and they ask 3 easy questions like what is your favourite yarn to spin. They take a little while to approve your application , probably because they are all very busy people.

Facebook also has an Australian Knitters  United group with over 400 members  who encourage each other and generally just have fun with knitting.

Ashford Australia has just rebranded itself to Aunt Jenny. The explanation is on the new Aunt Jenny site (formerly known as Ashford Australia!) Aunt Jenny has a Facebook page too to keep you up to date with Ashford in Australia.

The Handknitters guild has a long term , very active blog on WordPress where you get all the up to date information about the work , activities and projects of the guild.


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