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We have been online for a month and today is the last official monitoring for a while. We can see we have done well, the results are encouraging and we are on the right track. It is an interesting journey. So how have we done in this first month?

posts and pagesThere  continues to be a lot of hits to the home page and we have over twenty followers now and regular traffic. That is a solid achievement in a month for a new blog. The health benefits of yarn arts, blog stats and the garter stitch beret continue to be of interest. It is good to see , though, there has been quite a lot of interest in Australian made spinning wheels. Nothingbutknit and yarn and pencil are loyal supporters of this blog and we thank them.





referrersOur referrers have remained the same but Instagram and twitter are now bringing visitors to the blog. The Twitter account is starting to grow and we have 14 followers which is not bad considering we have had the account for a fortnight and Twitter doesn’t get yarn yet. We are making contact with wool people and textile artists. Instagram has just blossomed . In a fortnight we have gained 77 followers which is really cheerful news. Our top pictures are Jan’s teapots, Meryl’s merino jacket, Marjorie’s colourful socks and neck scarf, Alexis beautiful yarn on her spool and Marie’s corner to corner crochet. All those images have done really well. On Twitter the images have been different. Marie’s  and Christine’s corner to corner crochet post has over 80 impressions (views), Jan’s hats post has done really well and then people have been excited about our blog stats. There has been a lot of interest in those posts about stats.



We still have Australia , US and UK as our top countries and we get a lot of visits from those. The numbers from Romania and India are gradually building and we have had visitors from all over the world. It’s lovely. Our first month has been very positive. We can now keep working on it all and come back and check in 3 months time to see if the news continues to be as good.


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