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We are monitoring the first month of our blog and online activity because it pays to know. It is also very encouraging and heartening. Each week we have grown and it is interesting to find out what the online world is reacting to.


posts week 3Our home page always gets plenty of visits. Nothingbutknit and yarn and pencil have been two strong supporters of ours since the beginning and we thank them for that.

Our top three posts are now:

Last week’s Blog stats 

Health benefits of yarn arts and crafts

Margaret’s Garter stitch beret

People also seem to like things about yarn and style.


ReferrersWe set up accounts on Twitter and Instagram last week. Both of those are now bringing us traffic, especially Instagram. We became popular quickly on Instagram and in a week have gathered over 40 followers. Maria’s corner to corner crochet square, Alexis’ stylish wrap and Andrea’s fine socks on round needles  have had a great number of likes on Instagram which is fantastic. Twitter is much slower and will be because Twitter has yet to learn that there can never be enough yarn. That said we are getting some good impressions for our tweets. Maria’s and Christine’s corner to corner crochet tweet from the blog post got 38 impressions (viewed 38 times) and Sonya’s spring cleaning post and the pictures of our ocean view got 35 impressions each. That is really good for a new account. We have found some interesting wool and felting people on Twitter , though, so we’ll build from there. The WordPress reader continues to be our best referrer.

countriesThis week it is really exciting to see how many more countries have visited our blog. Australia , USA and UK bring most of our visitors but we now have a bigger reach around the world and it will be interesting to see if we can sustain and even grow that.

Week three has seen some real growth and it’s nice to know that. It is always interesting to see what is popular and why. People like ideas and patterns. They like to know about our yarn adventures. They love our view of the ocean so we’ll just keep spinning by the sea.


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